How I Started Painting

paintThere are so many different styles of painting – I don’t even know where to start.  I guess I should tell you how I started painting.  I was in grade 1 and my school teacher told my parents that I loved colouring and drawing.  Eventually my mother put in me in an after school art class.  At the time, my art teacher actually told me that my drawings weren’t very good because they didn’t imitate the things I was drawing.  Now, these things would be fruits, a chair, a plant, etc.  These very simple things hindered my imagination.  So I told my mother how I felt about art class so she told me to stop.  I started painting abstract art and it was amazing!  How that is how everyone should paint.  Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not talented.  Just paint what you feel and your drawings will turn out amazing.

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